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Zeetah is known for its dedication to quality and its full line of tire sizes. We would like to recommend our solid tires. We have developed our own type of solid tires, which are made up of three layers consisting of the heel, the middle layer and the outer tread rubber. The wire heel base with fiber ensures a tight fit to the rim. The middle layer provides good riding quality due to its more resilient construction and the tread rubber can provide durability due to its exclusive formulated compound. The selection of specific rubber compounds for each layer can be varied to suit the customer's specific application requirements.
  1. Extra ballast for handling heavy loads- excellent stability and traction for all tough jobs.
  2. Elimination of flat tire downtime and blowout hazards. Never get stuck due to tire failure. Longer tire life- two to three times longer then pneumatic tires and you get the full tread life.
  3. Provides cost saving by eliminating repair costs, lost wages and productivity due to down time. Best tire performance, longer tire wear, and excellent stability.
  4. Workable in all weather conditions, unaffected by temperature extremes.

  1. Extra large lugs & ultra-deep tread: Exceptional traction, longer life and maximums wear. An aggressive and deeper tread design prvides a positive grip and withstands the twisting and turning.
  2. Anti-abrasion rubber: Ultimate durability and tread life. An exclusive formulated compound resists wear in highly abrasive conditions.
  3. Cellular holes provides with cushion and heat release
  4. Cushion core rubber: High elastic and low heating. An exclusive formulated compound minimizes heat and assures lesser rolling resistance. It improves flexibility and reduces maintenance cost.
  5. Hard base rubber with rein forced nylon fabric: Ensures secure fitment and wheel protection
  6. High-tension steel wire: Gets better tire retention and stability during steering.
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